For a restaurateur, or a pub Maple Ridge owner, one of the true challenges to be dealt with is the hiring of a quality chef. It can truly be a task finding that hardworking, competent, and capable individual you are seeking, but doing so is so vital to the success of your restaurant. The reasons for this go far beyond their ability to prepare the food properly. They will also be dealing with things like developing menus, overseeing different processes of cooking, and training new staff. The fact of the matter is that the chef will be critical in the direction the restaurant will proceed in and the leadership necessary to properly provide that direction.

Just Who Are You Looking For And Who Should You Hire?

Knowing who you are looking to hire is obviously the first step in the process of finding the right chef. This begins by taking into consideration the specific sort of cuisine you are seeking to provide. As an example, that individual who has been trained in providing Mediterranean cuisine to the public may not be the ideal choice to run your Brazilian steakhouse. It is so important that you get that individual with an understanding of the specific courses you are planning to provide your customers.

Another very important factor to keep in mind is that you are also seeking that individual with the ability to be able to run a successful kitchen. This is why it is vital when preparing to interview candidates, you remember to look for some of the following qualities:

A Solid And Even Temperament

Those days when everything seems to go wrong are going to occur, and the manner in which your chef reacts to them is going to play an integral part in how the rest of the staff does as well. You should be seeking that person who will deal with these matters in a collected and calm manner so that the kitchen will continue running smoothly and properly on those tension-filled days that are going to occur.

The Ability And Interest In Properly Training Staff

In addition to their being a qualified and educated chef, the right choice will also be a good trainer and educator able to convey the proper direction to any new hires when they join the team. It is vital they be able to convey a good understanding of the equipment of the restaurant and precisely how best it be put to use.

A Keen Eye For Best Quality

Finding that individual who will only permit the very best quality food to make the trip from the kitchen to the customer is simply so important. The truth of the matter is that this is the most critical point of your restaurant and the one that will make it the success you are seeking it to be. And having that chef who cares so greatly about the quality of the meals offered is something that the rest of the staff will quickly grasp and get to adopt as their personal quest also.

Careful Attention To Detail

Of course, you want your candidate to be someone that is detail oriented. They have to be able to properly contribute to the formulation of the menu and of course, to make sure the inventory for that menu is handled properly. The last thing the restaurant owner wants to deal with is the over-ordering of menu items that are perishable or the under-ordering of those items that are necessary to fulfill the offered selections.

Skills On The Computer

Skills on the computer are vital to the chef in being able to properly check the menu offerings and the profit they provide. A good understanding of various Word documents is essential to their ability to create new and attractive courses for the menu as well.

Proper Experience And A Shared Philosophy

There is little doubt that the perfect choice to be made will be that individual who has not only the proper experience, but also has that sincere commitment to the very best possible customer service designed to provide a great experience that the guests will totally enjoy and be anxious to share with all they know!

Be aware always that the task of hiring a chef is an involved one and requires careful planning and consideration to best be carried out. The time spent locating the best choice is certainly time extremely well invested!

Being as creative as you like and being able to reflect some of your personality is one of the most satisfying things about opening your restaurant. It’s the service and atmosphere as well as the actual menu that help to create a restaurant theme and merely coming up with an interesting sounding menu isn’t enough, although customers are inevitably attracted to something different. It can be a challenge knowing what sort of theme will give you an advantage over your competition and is the best choice for you.

Know Your Own Bias

It’s a good thing to have a starting point, and you have one if you have some idea of what type of restaurant you want to open and operate, such as a coffee house, sandwich shop or steak and seafood place. You may feel strongly that there is a distinct lack of steak restaurants in your neighborhood, although you should be careful about not letting your personal bias and opinions be solely responsible for your decision.

Try to look at other restaurants in your area from a potential customer, keeping in mind that they will be competing with you in the near future, even if you don’t especially like them. Many people like loud music in the background when they have dinner, although you may be one of those people who doesn’t care for loud music in restaurants. Your neighborhood may need a few more family-friendly eating establishments. But it’s important to remember these aren’t facts, simply your own personal opinion.

Large companies regularly set up focus groups to help them to come up with effective advertising and products that their customers want, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do that on a smaller scale. You basically put a list of pointed questions to a group of between 10 and 15 people, although you should be sure not to make all of the family and friends.

Determine Who Your Audience Is

Figure out the type of audience that you hope your restaurant will attract, such as men or women, families, blue or white collar diners. Keep in mind that different types of customer are looking for different things; a beer and a quick meal on the way home appeals more to the typical white collar customer, while that format may not attract families with young children into your restaurant.

Various other aspects of your operation are determined by your audience, and not just the prices and the menu. The opening hours, overall design and look, and the seating capacity are all dependent on who you are trying to get through the doors. You probably don’t need a full-service sports bar or to be open past midnight if you are primarily trying to appeal to children and families.

Know Your Customers

Your restaurant concept has a lot more idea of succeeding if you find out as much as you can about your potential customers. Good sources of information about the household size, average income, age, and other demographics include your local chamber of commerce, small business bureau, and the United States Census results.

You can make your restaurant business plan stronger and also give more depth to your concept by including other information about your area in your demographics. For example, you may want to determine how popular your area is with tourists, and whether visitors are attracted by other nearby pursuits, such as beaches, skiing or other outdoor activities.

Study Your Competition

Look at how your restaurant may be different from your competition and what you can do better. Look at similar restaurants with prices that are close to yours once you have determined your price range and appropriate target audience. You may find other restaurants have different customers in the evenings and at lunchtime, or at the weekend as opposed to during the week.

Food Trends

Pizza and burgers will always be popular although other trends come and go – think bottled water or artisan panini sandwiches. The Food Network and similar TV channels are good sources of what’s fashionable and popular, as are magazines such as Gourmet and Bon Appetit. You can best create your theme by knowing what is and isn’t popular.

Creola’s Restaurant has been serving the community of Riverside for over 21 years, offering fine dining at reason-able prices. Using only the freshest ingredients, the staff lovingly prepares each meal and proudly serves their guests in a comfy, warm atmosphere.

Wednesday through Saturday from 5 to 9 PM, and on Sunday from 4 to 830 PM, Creola’s also welcomes group luncheons and special events. All major credit cards are accepted and gift certificates are available. Call for reservations.

Creola’s holds the distinction of being named one of the top 25 restaurants in Riverside, and is also the multiple recipient of the Southern California Restaurant Writers Sterling Silver award. Come and discover why

Our story begins on a farm in Iowa, where Creola Riley learned how to cook from her mother. At the time, little did she know how much her mother, teachings would eventually influence her career in the field she has come to love so dearly: the restaurant industry.

Restaurants have long been a part of Creola Riley’s life. She gained valuable experiences as a waitress at several fine dining establishments in Wisconsin, where she lived for 10 years. She and her husband later moved to California in 1972. (The Rileys have 4 sons and S grandchildren, by the way.)

Upon their arrival in The Golden State, Creola was hired as a waitress at Gerard, French Restaurant. Her hard work and dedication paid off in 1994, when she and Gerard Thiry partnered up to open Creola’s Restaurant. Creola soon became the sole owner when Gerard decided to retire and move to Washing-ton State.